Hi! My name is Amy. I’m a wife, a mom, and a lover of Jesus. I am so thankful for the life He’s given me and I continue to be surprised along the way! If you would’ve told me (or my mother) when I was growing up that I would have five kids (four boys, one girl), I would never have believed you! God knows our hearts though, even better than we do, and it’s truly my privilege to follow Him as this great adventure continues!

A friend recently encouraged me that I am like a fruit bowl with different types of fruit to share. I like to laugh and say she called me a fruit basket! (Not altogether untrue at times!) As I prayed about this, God showed me that the reason I have a fruit bowl is because I have a garden: my personal relationship with the Lord. This blog is my attempt to share the fruit that He’s been growing in me. My prayer is that as you read it, you too will be inspired to grow your own garden and share your fruit. We can be fruit bowls together!